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Link to OziExplorer for Android Help pages.


(For those who installed very early versions - If the OziExplorer "Alpha" is already installed it must be Uninstalled first before a "Beta" version can be installed, see uninstall notes below).

You do not have to uninstall when installing a "Beta" version over a "Beta" version (from version 1.00 onwards).

OziExplorer is not yet available on the "Android Market" so it must be installed manually.

NOTE - If it shows a message unable to install, enable install programs from unknown sources on the device. (Settings > Applications > Unknown Sources).

NOTE - Some browsers download the file as a .zip file, do not unzip it - just change the .zip file extension to .apk.

Method 1 (recommended)

Method 2

Method 3

Only use this method if you do not have access to the "Android Market" to obtain an App Installer.

See this link


Uninstalling does not remove any maps, data or OziExplorer settings.

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