Map Files for Superseded Versions of the Natmap or Auslig Maps

Below is a table where you can download the .map files to allow OziExplorer to use these maps.

Please NOTE these are only the calibration files for OziExplorer (.map files), you need to already own the map CD's.

NATMAP Release 3 (2002) This is a self-installing file for both CD1 and CD2 Download here
Raster 250K Release 2 (2000) CD1 - WA and NT   CD1 Download here 
CD2 - QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS and SA CD2 Download here

The 7 CD Set in Tiff Format    (superseded)

The Auslig Raster maps are 1:250,000 scanned topographic maps available on CD. The images are in TIFF format. The images are not georeferenced which means they have no calibration data supplied. The registered version of OziExplorer can use these maps directly from the CD but they must be calibrated by hand.

The maps are reasonably useful but because they are 1:250,000 scale they lack detail.


To view the Australian AUSLIG 1:250,000 raster maps supplied on CD, you need this file. Download - unzip this file into the same directory as the program file (usually the Oziexplorer directory). This file is not required for the new version ECW maps.

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