Using the Natmap Digital Maps DVD's with OziExplorer

(It is assumed you have already purchased the Natmap 250K maps.)

The NATMAPS from Geoscience Australia (formerly AUSLIG) have been produced in many different versions over the years, make sure you download the correct set of .map files from the Australian page which match the set of maps you have purchased.

To test the loading of the maps before you purchase OziExplorer, download the software from the OziExplorer software web page. Run "OziExplorer Trial" from the windows Start Menu.

Setup Steps

  1. Install the Natmap maps from the Geoscience Australia Natmap DVD.
  2. Download the .map files which OziExplorer uses to load the Auslig, Natmap 2002, Natmap 2003, Natmap 2005 or Natmap 2008 maps from the Australian page. (If you have an OziExplorer version on CD (Australian CD), these map files can be installed from this CD. Note: The Natmap 2008 files will only be on OziExplorer CD produced after October, 2008).
  3. Follow the step below which applies to the set of maps you have purchased.
  4. In OziExplorer configuration, on the Map Images tab, make sure that "Always Check All CD Drives" is ticked. The .map files will be found provided the CD is in any CDROM drive even though the map files are setup to load the images from drive D.
  5. To open a map press the Load button on the Toolbar, Select the Load Map From File option on the menu. Use the dialog to go to one of the folders where you placed the .map files (either CD1 or CD2 depending on which map you want to open) and place the corresponding Auslig or NATMAP CD in the CDROM drive or DVD in the DVD-ROM drive. Open the file, it should find the map image on the CD or DVD and open it up.
  6. For the Auslig maps (but not for the NATMAP maps) there is an Index map in each of the folders (CD1 Index and CD2 Index, this is a map of Australia. If you do a right click on the map and choose the Find Map at Cursor option it will present you with a list of maps for that point which you can select from the dialog. (It is recommended that you do NOT use these index maps from the Auslig CD's to load into the OziExplorer Index Map window; these maps are very large maps and not suitable for the Index Map feature).
  7. There are of course many configuration options in OziExplorer which can change the way it behaves and you will need to gradually learn how to use these to gain the full benefit of the software. A good place to start is to read the tutorial available on the help menu. There is of course a great deal of other help available also.

NOTE: The Natmap 2008 maps are different to the Natmap 2005, Natmap 2003, Natmap 2002 maps and the Auslig Release 2 maps and require different OziExplorer (.map) files.  If you have installed the Natmap 2005, Natmap 2003, Natmap 2002 or the Auslig Release 2 (.map) files, you cannot use these with the Natmap 2008 maps, it is recommended you remove them from your OziExplorer/Maps folder unless you own the Natmap 2005, Natmap 2003, Natmap 2002 or the Auslig Release 2 CD's as well.

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