Australia Topographic 250K Digital Maps

The 250K map is for use with PC OziExplorer, OziExplorer Android and OziExplorerCE.

NOTE: The 250K map is in OZF format and cannot be used with other software. 

The download is a self installing exe file.  To use the maps in PC OziExplorer, run the install and the map will be installed under the OziExplorer maps folder.  To use the maps To use the maps with OziExplorerCE or OziExplorer Android it is simply a matter of copying the "Maps" folder from the "OziExplorer \Maps" folder to the OziExplorer/Maps folder on the memory card of the Android or Windows CE device.

Download links are provided for the following maps :

Improved North/South, East/West Scaling - The map has been reprojected to the Mercator map projection - this gives a more linear scale for different latitudes. The images below show a waypoint in Tasmania with a 2km proximity circle drawn around it, the image on the left is the original Natmap in the geographic map projection (Latitude/Longitude) and shows the distortion of the proximity circle. The image on the right is the map in the Mercator map projection, the proximity circle looks like a circle. Please note - the original Natmap works ok as the software knows about the distortion, its just a visual thing.

Maps to download in this purchase

View a section of the 250K map


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