OziExplorer - Unsupported Maps and Features

This is a list of Map types and Features OziExplorer does not support

Uploading Maps to GPS Receivers

OziExplorer cannot upload maps to any Mapping GPS (this means Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance/Eagle and all others). The only software that can do this is that provided by the GPS manufacturer using the maps provided by the manufacturer.

In general, recreational type GPS receivers (Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance/Eagle) use vector maps so even if it was possible for 3rd parties to upload maps OziExplorer uses raster maps (images of maps), the GPS receivers would not accept a raster map upload anyway. What about raster to vector conversion - this has been tried and the results were not acceptable.

Support C-map Charts

C-map charts are a proprietory format which OziExplorer cannot read. They are also vector charts, OziExplorer is raster map (images of maps) software.

Support Memory Map qct Map Format

The qct format is a proprietory format which OziExplorer cannot read.

German and Swiss TOP50, TOP100 CDROM's

OziExplorer cannot read the maps on these CD's.

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