OziExplorer - Import / Export FAQ

The FAQ is divided into three sections -

1. Data Import - Topics covered

2. Map Import - Topics covered

3. Data Export - Topics covered

1.  Data Import

Can OziExplorer import files such as waypoints and tracks from other software or GPS programs.

Check the import options on the OziExplorer "Load Menu", if file format you have is not one of the import options, the "OziExplorer File Format Converter" can convert some formats. The converter program can be downloaded from the Utilities page on our website.

This program converts various known waypoint, route and track file formats to and from OziExplorers own file formats.

Also the program from GPSBabel can convert many formats. http://gpsbabel.sourceforge.net/

Note :  GPX is a universal format which OziExplorer supports.

Importing from Unknown Formats

Excel or Text Editor - If your data is in a text file or Excel format, the data will need to be formatted to the required OziExplorer "Import From Text File" format and exported from the editor as a comma delimited file.

If the format is a binary format (not text) then you will need to know the structure of the file and write software to do the conversion.

Create some waypoints in OziExplorer and Export them using a position format close to the position format of the data you want to import.

Open this file in a text editor to see the format of the data.

Open your data file in Excel, you will need to manipulate the data by moving the columns around and/or adding new columns until it looks the same as the format OziExplorer expects.

Save the data from Excel as a comma delimited file and examine it in a text editor to see if it is the same as the file OziExplorer created. If it is you should be able to import it.

Note - The OziExplorer waypoint file .wpt is a simple text file also and its format is described in the technical section of the OziExplorer Help. In some circumstances it you may be able to convert your data directly into the OziExplorer format.

Tracks - How do I Import tracks that are not in OziExplorer's .plt format.

To import tracks use the "Import" / "Tracks from Text File" option on the "Load menu".  The text file format can be determined by adding some track points to your map and using the "Export Track" option on the "Save Menu" to see the file format required for Importing. A text editor or spreadsheet can be used to format the file.

Latitude / Longitude (or Zone and UTM) fields are required. Fields after the coordinates will be set to defaults if not included.

Waypoints - I know the coordinate positions of some locations but the file is not in OziExplorer's .wpt format.

You may be able to manipulate the data in a text editor to the correct format. To see the format required, place some waypoints on your map and use the "Export to Text File" option on the "Save Menu" to export the waypoints to a .txt file and open the file in a text editor to see the required format.

Wp Name, Latitude and Longitude (or Zone and UTM) fields are required. Fields after the coordinates will be set to defaults if not included.

How large a shape file can be imported into OziExplorer?

There are no limits for polylines or points but the more you have the slower OziExplorer will run.  For polylines there is a limit of 75 different types.

Can OziExplorer import Autocad DXF files.

OziExplorer cannot load DXF files, you will need a dxf to shp converter program.  OziExplorer can load shp files (Arcview vector format) and mif files (Mapinfo vector format).

2.  Map Import

Importing maps when you are trying out OziExplorer before you purchase.

Haven't registered / purchased yet and want to try importing some maps, use the "Trial Version" the Import Map option is on the File Menu.

OziExplorer opens or loads .map files but I cant find the place to create a .map file so that my map can be loaded by Oziexplorer.

(Note: Also read the OziExplorer Tutorial for more information about .map files. The Tutorial option is on the Help Menu)

Use the menu option - File / Import Map / All DRG Maps on a CD or in a Folder option, the .map file will be created by OziExplorer.

Maps may be supplied with a OziExplorer .map files, do they need to be imported?

If you already have the (.map) files for the maps you own (some map CD's already have the OziExplorer .map calibration files on the CD) you do not need to Import them, simply open the .map file and OziExplorer will load the map.  The .map files for many of the map CD's available in Australia can be downloaded from the Australian page of our website.

Support files are required for some map formats, where can I get these?

If you cannot import a map, some map formats (such as MrSid) require support file/s to successfully import the map.

See the Optional Extras page, you can download the files required from here. Optional Extras Page

(Note: If you try to import a map and it does not import, you may be running an older version of OziExplorer which does not support this format. Check the version in the About box using the option on the Help Menu and check the latest version and the "History of Changes", there is a link on the OziExplorer webpage.) 

Waypoints and tracks do not show on my MrSid map that I have imported.

You probably have specified incorrect parameters when you imported the file. The datum and the map projection/grid used for the georeference information needs to be known and entered correctly when importing.

I have Mapsource charts, can I import them. 

There is no way to load Mapsource charts into OziExplorer.

I have CMAP maps, can I import them. 

There is no way to load CMAP maps into OziExplorer.

3.  Data Export

I want to load my waypoints, tracks or points into other software, how can I do this.

If the other software can load GPX files (.gpx), use the Export to GPX File option on the Save Menu.

If the other software can load shape files (.shp), use the Export to ESRI Shape File option on the Save Menu.

Another option is to export the waypoints or tracks to a .txt file using the options on the Save Menu. Open the file in a text editor, you may be able to manipulate the data in a text editor to the format you require for the other software.

Points can be saved as a waypoint file first and then export the waypoint file as above.

Is there a way to store all the information included in the Track List view?

In OziExplorer Export the track as a text file using the option on the "Save Menu", the speed etc. will be saved in the text file.

Is there a way to save my 'Track Profiles' as an image?

It is not possible to do that, you need to do a screen capture using the "Copy Map Screen to Clipboard" option on the "Select Menu" and then paste the clipboard into a Paint program.

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