Making your own "blank map" for your region.

Example : You may have a farm and want to use your GPS to record waypoints and tracks to position fences, paddocks, dams etc on a map.  Depending on the size of the farm you may not be able to find a suitable scale map to load into OziExplorer to enable you to plot these features. (Note: the accuracy of a GPS is + or - 5 to 10 metres)

You can make your own blank map by using known coordinates that represent diagonal corners to cover the region you require. (You may be able to use the Blank Map option on the Map Menu in OziExplorer, but it has limitations - see the OziExplorer Help File for more information on the limitations).

Step 1.

Use any image utility program, (for the purpose of this instruction sheet we will use Microsoft Paint, which everyone who operates Windows will find under START, PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES)

We are going to make a blank image 2000 x 2000 pixels. 

 Step 2.