OziExplorer Features - Map Grid

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Display the latitude/longitude grid or an alternate grid like UTM

  • The lat/lon grid can be displayed for any map of any scale of any projection (some limitations, such as maps crossing the 180 degree longitude and other factors may apply).

  • An alternate grid from a list of more than 15 grids available can be displayed. If a UTM grid is selected the grid shown on the map is UTM.

  • A grid will be printed if it is displayed on screen at the time of printing a map.

Configure your own grid properties

  • A "Clip to Neat Line" option will stop the grid at the neat line boundary which is setup using the corner markers in map calibration.

  • Display labels on the grid borders. Grid coordinates can be displayed in full or truncated and positioned on the screen border or the map border.

  • User can save current settings so they become the default for the map.

  • Change the grid line color, the label colors and font size.

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