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Up to 9 point calibration built-in

  • OziExplorer can use up to 9 calibration points to accurately geo-reference your map. (The unregistered version is limited to using 2 calibration points).

Specific calibration methods for each map projection for better accuracy

  • Various calibration methods can be used for the particular map projection.  For example, 2 calibration points can be used when the Latitude/Longitude lines run parallel to the edges of the screen for acceptable calibration.

  • The 3 point method and the 4,5,6 point method uses variations of an affine transformation to calculate the calibration coefficients.  This method will work with maps which are rotated or skewed.

  • For maps which are rotated or skewed and have a large curve in the Lat/Lon or Grid lines, the 7 or more point method has the option of using a polynomial transformation.

Special import for map formats containing geo-reference information

  • Digital Raster Graphics (DRG) maps - USGS DRG raster maps provided by the USA government but can also be used to import any of the supported map image types (TIF, BMP, PNG, JPG) which have at least a (.TFW) file.

  • Geotiff images (geo-referencing data is embedded within the image file) - OziExplorer has various levels of importing these maps and will try to select the method which has the most information to give the best calibration and other parameters.

  • BSB charts (also NOS/GEO charts) - import single charts or you can import all the BSB Charts from a CD in a single import process. The geo-referencing information contained in the BSB file will be used by OziExplorer to calibrate the chart.

  • Maptech PCX or RML charts - import multiple charts from a Maptech CD in a single import process.

  • ECW images can have geo-referencing included within the image header, if this information is included then the images can be imported and calibrated by OziExplorer.

Zoom window to assist manual calibrations

  • A special small zoom window with crosshairs will assist in exactly positioning calibration points or positioning other objects on your map.

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