OziExplorer Features - Map - File Attachments

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  • Files attached to a map will be automatically loaded and displayed when the map loads

Attach Tracks to a map

  • The track files which can be attached are just normal tracks downloaded from your GPS or manually created using the "Manually Create Track Points" option. The color and width of the track plot can be set for the track using a "Track Control" dialog.

  • The attached tracks can be used to display new roads not shown on the map.

  • You can design tracks in geometric shapes to show special features.

  • Tracks can be specified as Alarm Zones to perform a special function when using moving map mode.

Attach Waypoints, Routes and Points to a map

  • A waypoint, route and point files can be attached (one of each).  Each file can have multiple waypoints and routes, and unlimited points.

File attachment limits

  • display up to 50 track files on a map.

  • display up to 50 point set files on a map.

  • display waypoints from a saved data file.

  • display routes from a saved data file.

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