OziExplorer Features - GPS

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Direct support for most Garmin, Lowrance/Eagle, Magellan, Silva/Brunton and MLR GPS receivers

  • for uploading and downloading Waypoints, Routes and Tracks

  • for moving map using the NMEA0183 standard

(NOTE: Even if you own a GPS which is not supported by OziExplorer for upload/download of waypoints etc. it can still be used for moving map operation if it outputs the correct NMEA sentence(s).)  The required sentence(s) are :

  • $GPRMC or

  • $GPGGA and $GPVTG or

  • $GPGLL and $GPVTG

(other talker Id's are also allowed e.g. $LCGGA (Loran-C receiver)).

Create Waypoints, Routes and Tracks directly on a map for upload to the GPS

  • Position waypoints on your map on the computer screen and upload to your GPS

  • Create routes using a built in Route Editor (up to 100 routes). All the Routes can be uploaded to the GPS or downloaded from the GPS using options on the GPS menu for your model of GPS.

Waypoints, Routes and Tracks downloaded from a GPS are displayed on the loaded map

  • With your GPS connected, to download Waypoints, Routes and Tracks simply select the menu option. If "Download Waypoints to Map" is selected, the waypoints will be downloaded and displayed on your map. 

Save Waypoints, Routes and Tracks to files on your computer

  • Sets of Waypoints, sets of Routes and Tracks can be saved to file. Saved files can be reloaded to a map to be edited (if necessary) for trip planning and then loaded to your GPS.

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