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This page describes how to use Google Maps with OziExplorer.

The use of Google Maps within OziExplorer can be considered experimental at this stage, if it doesn't work out it may need to be removed in a future version.

Sometimes the screen may not redraw correctly or not refresh at all, and images of dialogs or menus may be left on the screen, pressing the Redraw button on the Google Maps Control will correct this.

Setting Up

You need an internet connection to use Google Maps. The map images are downloaded in real time from the internet.

You also need to download the Google Maps.map file (see below).

OziExplorer Version

You must be using OziExplorer release version 3.95.5b. Check the "Help / About" option in OziExplorer to see what version you are currently running.

The OziExplorer development version does not yet work with Google Maps but will in the future.

Notes :

OziExplorer .map file download

*** You need to download the "Google Maps.map" file ***

Download self installing setup file - download map file here

Run the downloaded setup file to install the map. It is installed in the maps folder.

Open the "Google Maps.map" map file in OziExplorer in the usual way.

Do not try to recalibrate the map or change the map border, there is no need they are fixed in the software.

Using Google Maps with OziExplorer

First you need to open the "Google Maps.map" file in the usual way (Load Menu / Load Map File)

Google Maps can be used in OziExplorer in 2 ways

Use the button on the Google Maps Control to switch between modes.

OziExplorer mode.

Google Maps mode

The Google Maps Control Buttons

(Note: an explanation of the modes is above)

Switch to OziExplorer mode - Google Maps maps captured in OziExplorer.

Switch to Google Maps mode - Google Maps running inside OziExplorer.

Normal Map - A normal looking map.

Satellite Map - Shows Satellite maps (pictures).

Hybrid Map - The satellite map with roads etc drawn on top.

draw Screen - Redraws the screen if it has not refreshed properly. Sometimes an image of dialogs, menu or other windows remain on top of the map, these can be removed by pressing the redraw button.

Zoom In - Zooms Google Maps in to show more detail, click the button to zoom in.

Zoom Out - Zooms Google Maps out to show a wider view, click the button to zoom out.


OziExplorer Methods

If OziExplorer has control zooming can be done by

Google Maps Methods

By using the Google Maps zoom controls which are displayed on the map when in Google Maps mode.


Saving of the Google Maps map is not possible.

You must always have an internet connection - caching of the maps is not done.

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