OziExplorer is copyright (C) D & L Software Pty Ltd

Conditions of Use

The unregistered version of this program can be used without cost and without time limits.

The registered version must not be used unless you are the license holder.

Software Design Philosophy

Must be able to use scanned maps. Most countries do not have access to many good quality maps on CD.

Must be able to display pictures of interesting sites.

It was critically important that a large number of Waypoints and Events could be added to the map quickly. When planning a trip I usually add up to 100 Waypoints and up to 300 Events (sometimes more) to the map for uploading to the GPS.

Note : Events are only available in Lowrance and Eagle GPS receivers.

Must be able to print the map and a list of the waypoints. I take these with me on the trip, as well as the original map to refer to.

The software was developed to allow me to set up my 4 wheel drive trips. Before the trip I scan in the relevant map if I have not already done so. I then sit down and work out where I am going, and using OziExplorer, position waypoints on all the road and track intersections and towns etc. Add in Map Features and Map Comments where appropriate. Use events to mark the position of the roads and tracks. I save all these to files as necessary. I add waypoints and events to more than cover the region I expect to visit to allow for change of plans. When I am happy with the map I then send the waypoints and events to the GPS and print the map and waypoint list.

After the trip I download the waypoints from the GPS to get any new ones I may have added. I download the track and display it on the map and save it to a file.

The software has also been designed for marine based activities and has many features built into it for this purpose.

System Requirements

Operating System : Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7

Memory : 256 MB of RAM (1GB or more preferred)

CPU : Pentium 200MHz or better (higher CPU speeds will work better)

Monitor : VGA Monitor 800x480 (greater preferred) 

Hard Disk - OziExplorer does not require very much HD space (about 10MB), it is the maps you have which require the most space. The file size of maps can vary from approximately 1MB to 4GB per map. So the Hard Disk space requirement depends on the number of maps you have stored.

This is a guide only, you may be able to run OziExplorer on lesser systems but it would be very slow.