Alarm Zones

Alarm Zones are polygons (multi sided boxes) drawn onto the map, if you travel into (enter) into an alarm zone while in moving map mode an alarm will sound.

Alarm zones are mainly used in the marine environment to mark reefs etc but may have uses elsewhere.

Creating an Alarm Zone

Alarm Zones are just a special type of track and are created using the normal track creation methods.

A map must be loaded.

Select the Create Track button on the Toolbar

bTrack.gif (2482 bytes)

Click the mouse on the map around the area you want to turn into an alarm zone. A series of track points will be drawn. Draw a line around the area, just before the area is closed stop drawing the track and select the Track Control

bTrackControl.gif (2272 bytes)

Refer to the Track Control help on how to open the Track Properties.

In the Track properties the Type must be specified as Alarm Zone.

Other properties can also be set to suit your requirements.

Alarm Zones will only cause the alarm to be activated if they are attached to the map. This is done using the Options button in the Check Calibration of Map option which is on the File Menu.

To edit an existing Alarm Zone it must be loaded onto the map using the Load Track from File option on the Load button on the Toolbar.


Note 1 : The number of points in an alarm zone must be 100 or less.

Note 2 : The number of Tracks attached to a map (which includes alarm zones) must be 50 or less.