Auto Pilot Output

The Auto Pilot Output option has been provided for experimentation purposes only, do not use it to guide your vehicle without supervision.

The functionality has not been tested to a satisfactory degree in this version of OziExplorer.

The Auto Pilot output option is turned on using the options on the Comm tab in the Configuration dialog.

Outputs the Standard NMEA sentences which can control an Autopilot. The sentences output are $GPRMC, $GPRMB and $GPAPB. You must check if these sentences are compatible with your Autopilot.

The sentences being output can be viewed by selecting the Show NMEA Output to Autopilot option on the Navigation Menu. You must be in active moving map (tracking) mode and also be navigating for the outputs to be valid.

The sentences are output each time a sentence is received from the GPS.

The output also functions when using the NMEA simulator in OziExplorer so this could be used for testing its operation.

The NMEA strings only contain valid navigational information if you are navigating along a route or to a waypoint. Otherwise the parameters in the strings are empty.

The most common connection is where the GPS and Autopilot share the same serial port, this is a diagram of a typical cable connection.

AutopilotConnect.gif (2965 bytes)