Calibrating Maps Using Waypoints

This provides the ability to use waypoints to obtain the position of map calibration points.

The waypoints must be loaded onto a map (any map, including the "blank" map is ok) before selecting the Load and Calibrate Map Image or Check Calibration of Map options and entering the map calibration screen.

When a waypoint is selected the position coordinates are translated to use the datum of the map you are calibrating, therefore it is essential that the correct map datum be specified before any waypoints are used.

How it Works

When entering the calibration screen the waypoint names and position are copied into the calibration waypoint list. The positions in the wp list are shown using the datum you set for the map you are calibrating. This is dynamic, if you change the map datum at any time while calibrating, the positions in the waypoint list are translated. However this does not affect any positions currently entered into the calibration points only those in the waypoint list.

When you "Use Wp" from the waypoint list the position is moved into the calibration point you are currently working with.

When you choose the option Load and Calibrate Map Image the waypoints loaded on the map are removed, this does not affect the waypoint list for calibration as the waypoints are copied before the waypoints are removed. The waypoints in the list can then be used for additional map calibrations until OziExplorer is closed. If a new set of waypoints are loaded they will replace the ones in the calibration waypoint list.