Corner Markers (Corner markers are adjusted in map calibration)

Many maps have a border around the actual map (called the neat line). OziExplorer can make use of the neat line to change maps when you cross this boundary when using moving map real time tracking mode. So the software can detect where the actual map boundaries are you must position the corner markers on the map corners.

The corner markers will default to the corners of the image, if your map has no borders (neat line) there is no need to move the corner markers.

Display Corner Markers

Use the Map Border Control to display the corner markers and manage the points which form the border around the map.

  1. Press the Show Corner Markers Button to show the Map Border Control. The corner markers will now be visible.
  2. By default 4 border points are added at the corners of the image, these can be moved and new points added.
  3. The maximum number of Border Points is 100.
  4. To Delete a Border Point right click on it.
  5. To Insert a Border Point select the Insert Map Border Point button and click on the map to insert a point.
  6. Move the map image and move, delete or add new corner points.
  7. Do this process for each corner.
    When finished the effect could be something like this.
  8. Save the map to store these positions.