Working with the Demonstration Map and Data

Hopefully you have managed to get OziExplorer up and running and configured to your requirements.

These tutorials will guide you through some of the more common features of the software. Some of the tutorials use the supplied Demonstration data as examples, you can load a map and add map objects to the map.

If you have a printer you can print this tutorial so you can follow it more easily while carrying out the suggested operations with OziExplorer.

If you highlight and right click on a topic of the Contents in the left pane of the Help, a menu will be displayed. One of the menu options is "Print ...". This allows you to print all of that topic.

While this tutorial covers just the basic operations of OziExplorer, you should read the other sections of the help file to familiarize yourself with all aspects of the software.

Be sure you read these section of the OziExplorer help: