Select the Display Datum

This dialog allows the selection of a datum used to display positions and the grid. All dialogs that display positions that do not have their own datum selection provided are shown using the selected display datum. If the selection of the datum in the list is "Datum of Loaded Map" then the display datum will always be the same as the datum of the currently loaded map.

wDatumSelect.gif (5049 bytes)


ds1.gif (168 bytes) Set the Display Datum to always be the same as the currently loaded map. Even if a new map is loaded with a different datum to the one currently loaded the display datum will change to match the datum of the new map which is set in the Map Calibration screen. Pressing this button is the same as selecting "Datum of Loaded Map" at the top of the datum list.

ds2.gif (153 bytes) Accept the datum selected in the list as the display datum and close the list. The Datum can also be selected by double clicking on the selection in the list.

ds3.gif (171 bytes) Shows this help screen.

ds4.gif (168 bytes) Close the list without making any change.