Distance & Bearing Display

Caution : The accuracy of the calculation of distances from a map depends on many factors (and combination of factors) some of which are :

Do not rely on the result where accuracy is essential.

The software can calculate the Distance and Bearing from :

The software can calculate Accumulated Distance from :

Measuring Distances

On the View menu or Tool Bar select the Distance Display option.

To measure the distance from a Waypoint, Event, Map feature, Trackpoint or Point simply click on the object, the Distance and Bearing to the mouse pointer will be displayed on the Distance & Bearing Display dialog.

Note 1 : To select a Trackpoint or Point the Trackpoint or Point must be "Active" set by using the Track Control or Point Control dialog, so this can only be done for Track 1 or Point Set 1. However distance & bearing is displayed as you are manually creating a track.

Note 2 : When measuring the distance between 2 objects (Waypoints, Events, Map Features and so on) the measurement is taken from the position stored within the object i.e. its Lat/Lon coordinates.

To measure a distance from any point on the map and draw a permanent line between the points select the Mark button + on the Button Bar. This will change the mouse pointer. Select a position on the map and Mark by pressing the left mouse button. As you move the mouse the distance and bearing to the mouse pointer will be displayed on the Distance & Bearing Display dialog. The distance for each segment will be shown on the Distance dialog.

To measure the distance between any points on the map you just need to activate the Distance & Bearing Display, the distance and bearing will be displayed from the last click of the mouse.

To show a line from the mouse position (rubber banding) to the last point on the map select the Show Line from Position to Cursor Button on the ToolBar.

Measuring Accumulated Distance

Select the Mark button as described immediately above. As you move the mouse pointer and press the left mouse button a cross is drawn on the Map, a blue cross indicates the start of a measurement line, pressing the left mouse button again will draw the line and show the distance along the line. The Leg Distance Display and Leg Distance Color are controlled by configuration options on the Navigation Tab of the Configuration screen.

The previous lines and marks are changed to gray, these marks and lines will be removed the next time the screen is refreshed.

To zero the Total Distance display you must double click on the total distance number or press the button to the right of the total distance field.