Event Properties

wEventProperties.gif (3382 bytes)


Fore Color - The foreground color of the symbol. The Garmin symbol set does not allow the color to be changed.

Back Color - The background color of the symbol.

Event Symbol - Select the symbol from the list provided. The list of symbols provided depends on the symbol set available for the GPS which has been specified in the configuration.

Symbol Size - The size the symbol will be drawn on the map. 17 is the normal size of the symbol and this is the size where it will look natural. reducing the size below 17 will result in lost pixels from the symbol and an inferior image.


Edit Position - Opens a dialog where the position of the event can be edited.

Default - Saves the currently set event properties as the defaults used when new events are created.

Help - Gives help for the properties dialog.

Cancel - Close the dialog and discard any changes.

Save - Close the dialog and keep the changes.

If you make any changes to the event you must save the event file to make the changes permanent.