Getting Started

If you are a first time user of OziExplorer please take the time to read this.

I have tried to make OziExplorer as user friendly as possible but mapping is a very complex subject and there are many things you must know in order to select the correct option or enter the correct value, Almost everything you need to know is explained in the help files so it is essential that you read the help that is provided. If you are having trouble communicating with the GPS read the Common User Problems section of the help.

The 1st thing you must do is configure OziExplorer to suit your requirements. Refer to the Configuration help.

You are probably keen to start using one of your own maps, to do this you must have an image of a map which you have obtained by scanning a paper chart or have purchased in digital form. If you do not have a purchased (registered) copy or retail version of OziExplorer then you are limited to using BMP files. Otherwise you can use map images in BMP, TIF, PNG, JPG or ECW format. USA DRG, BSB or Maptech Charts can also be imported. Refer to the Creating (Calibrating) Maps help.

Refer to the Demonstration Data Help on the Help Menu for a tutorial based on the supplied demonstration files. This will give you a better understanding of the features of the software and how to use them.

With OziExplorer you cannot do very much until you have a map loaded. If you do not have a map of your area to load there is a blank map available and this is created by selecting the Blank Map (Auto Scale) option on the map menu. With a blank map all operations of Oziexplorer can be done, within the limitations of a blank map. See the Using the Blank Map help for details.