GPS - NMEA Only Menu

see also  NMEA Only

Send Waypoints to GPS Using $GPWPL NMEA Sentence - This option will output the waypoints through the serial port to the GPS using the standard $GPWPL NMEA sentence. If your GPS supports this function the waypoints will be loaded into your GPS. The baud rate and datum used are set in the configuration. The GPS NMEA Output Datum and the NMEA baud rate are used.

Get Waypoints from GPS Using $GPWPL NMEA Sentence - If your GPS has the ability to send its waypoints via the serial link using the $GPWPL NMEA sentence then OziExplorer can read these as waypoints. This requires that your GPS can be set via its menu's to transmit its waypoints, if this cannot be done then this feature in OziExplorer is of no use.

Select the menu option, then set the GPS to start transmitting its waypoints. The sentences are displayed in the dialog as they are received, when transmission of the waypoints stops you need to manually press the close button. Any waypoints received are displayed on the map and in the waypoint list, you need to save these to a waypoint file using the Option on the Save button (on the Toolbar).