GPS Receivers Supported

While every effort has been made to make sure the drivers comply with the official protocols provided by the manufacturer, there are many variations of the protocols sometimes even within the same model of GPS and of course programming errors can occur.

Please be aware that you are using the GPS support at your own risk.


Lowrance & Eagle

Direct upload/download support for the Eagle Explorer, Eagle Expedition, Lowrance GlobalNav 200, 212, GlobalMap 100 and most other Lowrance & Eagle models.

OziExplorer will not work with the Eagle AccuNav Sport and similar models. To enable these GPS models to be used OziExplorer can write data files for the WS1 software produced by Lowrance. Only Waypoints and Events are written to the files at this stage.

OziExplorer cannot upload or download tracks for the Lowrance Global Map 12 and similar models, these use a protocol which is not supported. To enable this function OziExplorer can read and write from and to the clipboard in the format used by the latest GPS Data Manager software (GDM) available from the Lowrance and Eagle web sites, by using the GDM software to cut and paste to and from the clipboard the tracks can be uploaded and downloaded between OziExplorer and the GPS via GDM.


Direct upload and download support is provided for most Garmin receivers. The drivers have been tested with numerous models.


Direct upload/download support is provided for most Magellan receivers. The drivers have been tested with a GPS 2000XL, 3000XL, 4000XL, 315, 320, 330, ColorTrak and Tracker.

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Direct upload/download support is provided for MLR receivers.

Moving Map

Moving Map means the onscreen plotting and tracking of you position by reading the position and other parameters from the data being output from the GPS.

Any GPS which outputs the $GPRMC or the $GPGGA and $GPVTG nmea sentences can be used with the Moving Map part of OziExplorer.