Lowrance & Eagle

Direct upload/download support is provided for most Lowrance & Eagle models.

Models Supported

New model Lowrance GPS receivers (such as the iFinder) which use the Lowrance Mapcreate software version 5 or 6 no longer allow upload/download via the serial port. These units read and write files (with the extension .usr) to the plug-in memory card.

Lowrance (using USR Files on a Memory Card)

Lowrance (using Serial port upload/download)


OziExplorer will not work with the Eagle AccuNav Sport and similar models, these use a upload/download protocol which OziExplorer does not support. To enable these GPS models to be used OziExplorer can write data files for the WS1 software produced by Lowrance. Only Waypoints and Events are written to the files at this stage. Note that Oziexplorer cannot create these files it simply writes the data into a pre-existing file.

OziExplorer cannot upload or download tracks for the Lowrance Global Map 12 and similar models, these use a protocol for the tracks which is not supported by OziExplorer.

There is a program available called G7ToWin which can read tracks from these units and also write them to direct to OziExplorer track files.

Another option for these units is that OziExplorer can read and write from and to the clipboard in the format used by the latest GPS Data Manager software (GDM) available from the Lowrance and Eagle web sites, by using the GDM software to cut and paste to and from the clipboard the tracks can be uploaded and downloaded between OziExplorer and the GPS via GDM.

OziExplorer Configuration Setting

  1. Go to the GPS tab on the Configuration dialog
  2. Using GPS Make combo box select Lowrance or Eagle
  3. Using the GPS Model combo box select the model from the list. If your model is not on the list select the model as Other Lowrances or Other Eagles
  4. Using the GPS Symbol Set combo box select the Symbol set to match the symbols in your GPS. If unsure leave it as it is as the most likely symbol set has already been selected.
  5. Adjust the GPS Parameters to match the specification of your model of GPS. These parameters may be mentioned in the manual. If unsure leave them as they are as the most likely set of parameters has already been selected.
  6. Set the GPS Upload/Download Datum to WGS 84 (almost always). Most Lowrance and Eagles always send their data and expect their data positions to be referenced to the WGS 84 datum, However some model Eagle Explorers and Lowrance GlobalNav 200's send and receive their data referenced to whatever datum you have the GPS set to, for these units set the GPS Upload/Download datum to match the setting in the GPS.
  7. Set the GPS NMEA Output Datum to the same as the Upload/Download Datum.
  8. Goto the Comms tab on the Configuration dialog.
  9. Select the Comm Port Number to match the one you are using on the PC
  10. Set Parity to none
  11. Set Stop Bits to 1
  12. Set the Upload/Download Baud rate to match the setting you have in your GPS.
  13. The NMEA Baud rate must be set the same as the Upload/Download Baud Rate.
  14. Do not alter the AutoPilot settings unless required.

Special Instructions

Lowrance/Eagles can transmit NMEA sentences and perform upload/download at the same time and use the same comm setup for both. To get NMEA output (for use with the Moving Map part of OziExplorer) you may have to turn it on within the GPS setup, you may also need to specify which NMEA sentences to output, see your GPS manual for details.