Map Comment List

wMapCommentList.gif (10630 bytes)


Datum - The datum of the positions displayed in the list.

ep1.gif (181 bytes) Sets the Datum to the Datum of the currently loaded map.

If the Datum of Loaded Map is selected then the datum used will always be the same as the datum of the currently loaded map. To see the datum of the loaded map place the mouse pointer on the field and the datum will be displayed as a hint.


bPositionFormat.gif (249 bytes) Position Format Buttons - Show the positions in Degrees or the selected Grid. The Grid will change to reflect whatever Alternate Grid system you have chosen in the Configuration.

bLocate.gif (201 bytes) Plot Location of Selected Map Comment on Current Map - The map is moved to position the selected Map Comment in the center of the map.

bFindmapwp.gif (216 bytes) Find Map for the Selected Map Comment - The maps are scanned and those which contain the position of the selected Map Comment will be shown in a list.

Delete the Selected Map Comments - Deletes all the Map Comments which have been selected.

Select if not on Map - If the Map Comments are not located on the currently loaded map then they are selected.

Properties - Opens the property dialog of the selected Map Comment.