Map Comment Properties

wMcProperties.gif (6391 bytes)


Comment - The text you want to see on the map.

Width - The width of the map comment box.

Height - The height of the map comment box.

Size - The size of the font used to display the comment on the map.

Bold - Determines if the font is displayed with bold characters.

Fore Color - The foreground color of the event symbol.

Back Color - The background color of the symbol.

How it will Look - This shows how the comment will look on the map and changes as you adjust the other properties.


Default - Saves the currently set map comment properties as the defaults used when new map comments are created. The Comment text is NOT saved as a default.

Help - Gives help for the properties dialog.

Cancel - Close the dialog and discard any changes.

Save - Close the dialog and keep the changes.

If you make any changes to the map comments you must save the map file to make the changes permanent.