User Symbols for Map Features

The Map features can be displayed as a symbol. The symbol files are bitmap images.

The symbol for a Map feature is selected on its property dialog.

Symbol Format

The symbol is displayed as a 17x17 pixel grid.

The symbol files are windows Bitmap files (BMP). Any BMP file can be used of any size, if the BMP is too large it is reduced to 17x17 pixels, the aspect ratio is maintained. A bitmap less than 17x17 is displayed as it is.

To design proper symbols with a transparent color the following format should be used.

Create a bitmap which is 18 pixels wide and 18 pixels high. Only the 1st 17 pixels are displayed so design the symbol image within a 17x17 pixel square. The color of pixel 18x18 i.e. the lower right pixel becomes the transparent color, (you will be able to see the map through the transparent color). There are quite a few examples provided to look at in an image editor to see how to design them.

Adding your own Symbols

Simply place your bitmap files in a folder called SYMBOLS which should be created as a sub-folder of the folder where OziExplorer was installed (normally oziexplorer). The next time OziExplorer is run the new files will be added to the available symbols.

New Symbols Required

A selection of symbols has been provided, if anyone designs new symbols which they feel may be useful to others please email then to me and they will be included in subsequent releases. I may even be able to provide them directly on the web page for download.