Map File Format

In the text below the lines in the map file are marked with a dot.

Only those parameters which can be modified/created by the user are described, parameters which are used for special cases are not described.

The lines in green are optional

The Map File

The lines are in the order they are in the map file.

Header and Version of File

Title of Map - any text string

Link to map image file

Can be 1 of 2 things

Datum settings

Reserved fields, the lines must be there

Magnetic Variation entry - degrees,minutes

Map Projection


  1. Map Projection - must match the projection name used in OziExplorer
  2. PolyCal - the next parameter is Yes if Polynomial calibration is used and No if not
  3. AutoCalOnly - Yes if calibration cannot be adjusted by the user No if it can
  4. BSBUseWPX - For BSB images only, Yes if the calibration equations contained in the BSB file are used.

Calibration points, there are always 30
Only 9 points can be modified from within OziExplorer but OziExplorer will use the full 30 if they exist in the .map file.

Projection setup parmeters, all on one line.


  1. Latitude Origin
  2. Longitude Origin
  3. K Factor
  4. False Easting
  5. False Northing
  6. Latitude 1
  7. Latitude 2
  8. Height - used in the Vertical Near-Sided Perspective Projection
  9. Sat - not used
  10. Path - not used

A marker line, it contains no information but is used as a file marker, must be there

Map Features, there are 3 lines per feature

Line 1 Parameters

  1. Number
  2. Name
  3. Latitude
  4. Longitude
  5. Show Format - not used
  6. Fore Color
  7. Back Color
  8. Symbol Name
  9. Create Waypoint
  10. Waypoint Name
  11. Format Type - internal use

Line 2 - the link to the picture, if there is no picture a blank line must be there
Line 3 - the description of the feature, if no description the blank line must be there

Map Comments, there are 2 lines per comment

Line 1 Parameters

  1. Number
  2. Latitude
  3. Longitude
  4. Show Format - not used
  5. Fore Color
  6. Back Color
  7. Width
  8. Height
  9. Font Size
  10. Font Style

Line 2 - The text for the comment

Attached file marker, .plt, .wpt, .evt, .pnt files can be included

The attached files - not limited to just track files

The Moving Map section marker

Use in Moving Map, if this parameter is set to No then the map will be excluded when looking for a new map to change to when using moving map mode. It does not affect other map find functions.

Number of Map border points (corner markers)
Only 4 points can be set graphically in OziExplorer but up to 100 points can be used when derived from other sources, such as importing BSB charts.

The x, y pixel location of each border point, there must be an entry for each border point.
These are used by OziExplorer as the map loads to determine the map border points.

The lat, lon position of each border point, there must be an entry for each border point.
These values are used in the map find and moving map functions when looking for maps.
If these values are not there then the map will never be found.
If these values do not agree with the MMPXY points (after map calibration is applied) then map finding in moving map will not function correctly.
These values will be overwritten by the calculated value from the above x, y points every time the map is saved.

The scale of the image meters/pixel, its calculated in the left / right image direction.
It is calculated each time OziExplorer is run, the value in the file is used when searching for maps of "more detailed" scale.

The lat/lon grid setup


  1. LLGRID - identifier
  2. Grid On - Yes = display grid
  3. Grid spacing - number and unit
  4. Autoscale - Yes = autoscale on
  5. Degree line color
  6. Minute line color
  7. second line color
  8. label spacing - number and unit
  9. label fore color
  10. label back color
  11. label size
  12. label - show on all screens
  13. x - ignore

The Other grid setup

  1. GRGRID - identifier
  2. Grid On - Yes = display grid
  3. Grid spacing - number and unit
  4. Autoscale - Yes = autoscale on
  5. Km line color
  6. Meter line color
  7. label spacing - number and unit
  8. label fore color
  9. label back color
  10. label size
  11. label - show on all screens
  12. Clip to neat line
  13. No meters shown in label ??
  14. Show last 3 digits in label ??
  15. x - ignore

The position the map will display when it is opened

The map image width and height - not used, just for information