Map Menu

This page describes the options on the Map Menu.

Re-index Map Files - This will re-index the map files so they will be up to date for map searching functions. For normal operation it is not necessary to do this operation as OziExplorer will automatically keep the map index files up to date.

Index Map - Opens the Index Map. See the Index Map help for details.

Blank Map (Auto Scale) - This will create a blank map scaled to cover the whole world. When any data is loaded onto the map it will automatically rescale to suit the data. You can zoom in and out of the data using the normal Zoom controls.

ReScale Blank Map - Will force the Blank map to rescale itself based on the data currently displayed. Useful when you manually add or delete data and want the map to scale itself to the remaining data.

Grid Line Setup - Displays the map grid setup dialog, see the Displaying Lat/Lon and other Grids help for details.

Clear All Waypoints - Clears all Waypoints from memory and the map, if you have made changes you will be prompted if you want to save the Waypoint file.

Clear All Events - As above but for Events.

Clear Route Data from Map - As above but for Routes.

Clear All Tracks from Map - As above but for Tracks.

Clear All Points from Map - As above but for Point Sets.

Clear All of Above - Clears All Waypoints, Events, Routes, Tracks and Points.

Add or Drag Map Object - All these options are also available as buttons on the Button Bar.

Find Maps - see the Find Map Help for full details.

Map Open Position