Name Search

Name Searching allows you to pick a name from the list of names and either plot the position of the place on the current map or search for maps which contain the location.


Name Searching will not work on any map where the east and west map corner markers (the map boundary) are on either side of the 180deg longitude line.

wNameSearch.gif (9249 bytes)


Name to Find - Enter then name or part name of the place you want to find.

Feature Code - Select the type of feature to see in the list.

Left - When checked the text in the "Name to Find" field is searched for, starting at the left most character in the list.

On Map - When checked only those places which are located on the currently loaded map are displayed in the list.

Dock - When checked the Name Search dialog is docked to the right hand side of the window.


bLoad.gif (276 bytes) Load Name Database - Used to load a Names database. Additional databases may be available in the Name Search folder if it exists.

bClearName.gif (225 bytes) Clear the Name to Find - Refreshes the search and also removes the text from the "Name to Find" field.

bClearCode.gif (194 bytes) Clear the Feature Code - Resets the Feature Code to "All Codes".

bAdvNameSearch.gif (205 bytes) Advanced Search - Advanced options - such as places located within a specified distance from a selected point (see below)

bLocate.gif (201 bytes) Plot Location - Plots the location of the place on the currently loaded map. If the place is not located on the map it automatically searches for other maps.

bFindmapwp.gif (216 bytes) Find Maps - Searches for other maps the place may be located on. Searching uses OziExplorers standard methods. It either searches for maps in the "Map File Path" set in configuration or the path of the currently loaded map depending on the settings in OziExplorer.

bPlotPoints.gif (158 bytes) Plot Locations as Points - Plots the location of all the positions on the map as "Points".

bCreateWp.gif (187 bytes) Create Waypoint - Creates a waypoint at the current selected location.

Help - Shows this help.

Close - Closes the Name Search dialog.


When entering text into the "Name to Find" field searching automatically commences 1.5 seconds after you typed the last character.

The column widths in the list can be adjusted by dragging on the column boundary, the column width setting will be stored.

The datum of the positions in the .names file defaults to "WGS 84".

If a different datum is needed one of the lines of the .types file will contain the datum name, an example is below.

DATUM,Australian Geodetic 1966

Advanced Name Search

wAdvNameSearch.gif (3823 bytes)

Lat, Long - Enter the position, click on the map to enter the position automatically.

Distance - The search radius.

Distance Units - The units used for the search radius.

Draw - The circle will be drawn on the map.

Hatch - The circle will be filled with a diagonal pattern.

Search - Start the search, the locations within the specified circle will show in the name Search list.

Close - Close the Window.