You can use the moving map feature of OziExplorer to simply display your actual position on a map as you move.

You can use the Navigation feature to help you navigate to a waypoint or along a route composed of waypoints.

Navigating Along a Route or to a Specific Waypoint

You must load a set of waypoints and a set of routes (if navigating along a route) before you can select a navigation option. Select Navigate To ..... on the Navigation menu. Select either Along a Route or Waypoint From a List. Select either the Route or Waypoint, the route can be reversed by selecting the Reverse Route checkbox. If you selected a route the route will be displayed on screen with details of each leg (if relevant configuration option set). Navigation assistance will start as soon as you are receiving a position from the GPS (or simulator). The Navigation Control shows the information you need to navigate to the 1st waypoint.

The Navigation tab in OziExplorer Configuration has settings which affect navigation, you must set these to your requirements.

The software determines if you have reached a waypoint by

If either of these 2 events occur you are deemed to have reached the waypoint and navigation along the next leg of the route will be commenced.

If you have a route but don't want to start at the 1st waypoint you can select which waypoint in a route to navigate to 1st by selecting the Show Details of Active Route button which is on the Moving Map Control. Select a Waypoint and press the Navigate To button.