Navigation Control

Allows Navigation to be activated and displays the parameters for navigation to the next waypoint.

wNavControl.gif (3664 bytes)


Navigate along a Route - Displays a list of loaded Routes and for selection.

Navigate to a Waypoint - Displays a list of loaded Waypoints for selection.

Cancel Navigation - Cancels the navigation.

Show Details of Active Route - Shows the full details for the active route.

More Information ... - Displays the distance remaining in the total Route and the ETE and ETA.


Next Wp - The name of the next waypoint

Distance - The distance to the next waypoint

CTS - Course to Steer, the bearing to steer for a straight course to the waypoint.

XTE - Cross Track Error, your deviation from the desired course line.

ETE - Estimated time Enroute, how long to get to the next waypoint from your current position.

ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival, the time of your arrival at the next waypoint