Nearest Waypoint

see also the Select Menu help.

This option is used to select waypoints which are within a specified distance of a selected waypoint or within a specified distance along the entire length of Track Number 1.

Once the waypoints are selected the other options on the Select menu or Selection Control can be used to manipulate them.

wNearestWp.gif (2353 bytes)


From Waypoint - Specify the Waypoint to use, all waypoints will be selected if they are within the specified distance from this Waypoint. A special option "Track Number 1" is also included - all waypoints within the specified distance of any track point within the track will be selected.

Distance - Waypoints within this distance are selected.

Distance Units - The units the distance is specified in.


... - Refresh the Waypoint list.

Help - Shows this help.

Close - Closes the window.

Select - Process each waypoint and select them if they are within the specified distance.