NMEA Simulator

The simulator provides the software equivalent of a GPS transmitting the NMEA $GPRMC sentence. This is output at a rate of  1 per second. The simulator allows experimentation with the Moving Map features without having a GPS connected to the computer.

The simulator is designed to simulate a GPS traveling at a specified speed in a specified direction, it will not automatically follow a loaded route, if you want to follow a route you must manually change the direction of travel of the simulator where required.

The Bearing, Speed and Start position can be specified as follows.


Here - Press this button and then click somewhere on the map to set the geographic position where the simulator will start.

The number on the green background is the direction of travel (or bearing) in degrees, the bearing is relative to True North.

-10,-,+,+10 - These subtract or add degree units to the direction of travel.

The number on the red background is the speed in whatever the units are (KPH, MPH, Knots) you have selected for speed units in the configuration.

-20,-,+,+20 - These subtract or add to the speed.