The Point Control

The Point Control is used to manipulate Points and Point Sets. It allows you to edit Point and Point Set properties, create new Points, make Points active and many other things.

see also Points  Point Properties  Point Set Properties

To activate the Point Control press the Show/Hide Point Control button on the Toolbar.

bPointControl.gif (2641 bytes)

Using the Point Control

The Point Set which is highlighted in the list is the "Active Point Set", all operations are done on this Point Set.


ptShow.gif (205 bytes) Show/Hide Points on Map - Display or hide all the Point Sets on the map.

ptCreate.gif (188 bytes) Manually Create a Point - When this button is depressed new Points can be created by clicking on the map.

ptProp.gif (156 bytes) Open Properties when Creating New Points - When a new Point is created by clicking on the map the Properties dialog is automatically opened.

ptAppend.gif (179 bytes) Append Point Sets Together - The Points from a Point Set can be appended to another.

Load a Point Set from File - Loads a Point Set from File into a vacant position in the list.

trkSave.gif (199 bytes) Save the Selected Point Set - The point set currently selected in the list will be saved to a file.

trkList.gif (168 bytes) Show Point List - See the Point List help for details.

Selected Point Set Properties - Shows the Point Properties dialog, see Point Set Properties help for details.

Clear the Selected Point Set - The Point Set selected in the list is cleared and removed from the list.

trkUp.gif (154 bytes) Move Point Set Up - Moves the selected Point Set up in the list.

trkDown.gif (155 bytes) Move Point Set Down - Moves the selected Point Set down in the list. In some cases Point Set 1 needs to be cleared so a new Point Set can be loaded. If the Point Set already in Point Set 1 needs to be kept then the best method is to move an empty Point Set up into its place.