Point Properties

see also Points  Point Set Properties  Point Control

These are the properties of an individual Point within a Point Set.

wPointProperties.gif (3127 bytes)


Name - The name assigned to the point, up to 35 characters can be used.

Rotation - Rotates the text on screen, any rotation angle between -90 to 90 can be used, only applies if the Format for Point Set is "Name Only". This property is mainly used by Names in the OziMC add-on.

Desc 1 - The 1st line of the description, up to 20 characters.

Desc 2 - The 2nd line of the description, up to 20 characters.

Desc 3 - The 3rd line of the description, up to 12 characters.

These 3 description fields are available and have specific widths as they are used for Magellan Datasend POI's.


Edit Position - Opens a dialog where the position of the point can be edited.

Help - Gives help for the properties dialog.

Cancel - Close the dialog and discard any changes.

Save - Close the dialog and keep the changes.

If you make any changes to the point you must save the point file to make the changes permanent.