Proximity Waypoints

Proximity zones can be set around waypoints at any specified distance in the units you have specified in the configuration.

If you travel into (enter) this zone while using Moving Map an alarm will sound.

Proximity zones are used to indicate when you are approaching a waypoint and also have a good visual presence so can be used to highlight a waypoint.

Note 1 : Proximities can be used for any waypoint not just those in routes.

Note 2 : Do not confuse waypoint proximities with the Route Waypoint Proximity, they are separate parameters. The route waypoint proximity is used to indicate when the leg of a route has been completed and the number applies to all waypoints in the route.

The proximity zones show as red circles with a blue diagonal hatch.

Note : While the proximity waypoints are similar to those found in Garmin GPS receivers it is not possible at this stage to upload these to the Garmin.

Creating Proximity Waypoints

Any waypoint can have a proximity zone set. Go into the properties for a waypoint, on the properties there is a field called Proximity Distance, enter a number into this field.