Registration (Purchase) Information

This applies to users of OziExplorer who have downloaded their copy from the web page and would like to register it to unlock the advanced features.

See below for "How to Register"

Features for registered Users

No Nag screen - The screen which displays the message unregistered when OziExplorer is started is removed.

User selectable datums - More than 100 datums are available. By specifying the correct datum OziExplorer can automatically convert coordinates between them as required.

User Selectable Map Projections - Many map projections are supported.

Local Grid Systems - The following grids are supported, UTM, British (osgb), Irish, New Zealand, Swedish, Swiss, France, Italy and User Grid coordinates systems, plus others.

Multi Point Calibration System - Up to 9 points to be used to calibrate the map. This means images which are rotated and/or skewed can be calibrated. By using more points an "over determined" solution can be found to provide even more accuracy.

Map Importing

MapView - This provides you with a small view of the map which shows a red rectangle which is the area you can see on the large map. You can the drag this rectangle over the small map and when released the view of the large map will change to suite. Waypoints, events and the plot trail also plot on the small view of the map.

Merge Waypoints and Events - For Lowrance/Eagle and Garmin Receivers only. When downloading Waypoints this provides the ability to merge the Waypoint with those already on the map.

Send Single Waypoints and Routes Direct to GPS - For most makes of GPS, a single waypoint can be sent directly to the GPS by point and click (right click on the waypoint and select option from menu). A single Route can be sent or retrieved from the GPS by pressing the buttons on the Route window.

Ability to alter Moving Map settings.

How to Register (purchase)

What do you get if you Register

Registering (purchasing) will activate all the disabled features within the shareware version - the features for registered users are listed above.

Once you have registered OziExplorer (even the Beta version) this entitles you to free upgrades whenever they are released. You will not have to register OziExplorer again.

Please do not register the software until you have it functioning correctly and communicating with your GPS. The code for the shareware and registered version is exactly the same, if you cannot get the shareware version functioning the registered version will also not work.

To test out the features which are only available in the registered version you will need to run the "trial" version. The "trial" version has most of the registered only features turned on but is disabled in other ways. By using the "shareware/demo" and the "trial" versions you can check out most of the features of OziExplorer.


Purchase can be made using PayPal or Shareware Registration Service called Shareit (www.shareit.com).

Shareit The Shareware Registration Service MasterCard Visa American Express+ Others

The ability to register online using secure transactions is available and can be done by simply clicking the button below.

RegisterREGISTER NOW ! This will take you to our Buy Now page.  For further information, please read the purchase information  at the top of the Buy Now page.