Working with Routes

The Lowrance/Eagle, Garmin, Magellan and MLR GPS units handle the upload and download of routes in different ways.

The Lowrance/Eagles only use the Waypoint numbers to define the waypoints which belong to a route, the waypoint must already be in the GPS. When routes are downloaded and uploaded only the waypoint numbers are sent.

The Magellan and MLR only send the waypoint names to the GPS the waypoints must already exist in the unit.

The Garmins send all the waypoint information (name, position etc) for each waypoint in the route. This causes complications as a waypoint with the same name may already be present on the map. To overcome this problem the assumption is made that the waypoints already displayed on the map take preference and hence the waypoint in the route always takes on the attributes (name, position etc) of the waypoint on the map with the same name.

Creating Routes

From the Tool Bar or View menu select the Route Editor option.

On the top window of the Route Editor select the Route Number you want to create.

Press the Properties button at the top of the form.

A new form will appear which will allow you to enter the Route name, description and select the waypoints in the route from those available (loaded from file).

If  you are going to upload the routes to a Lowrance or Eagle GPS the Waypoints specified must exist within the GPS or will be uploaded shortly so they will be valid. The GPS will accept Waypoints in the Route which do not exist but will not be able to navigate to them.

If uploading to Garmins the Waypoints in the Route will automatically be created if they do not exist or will overwrite any waypoints already in the GPS which have the same name.

The other way to add Waypoints to the Route is by point and click.

The Waypoints must be visible on the Map either by creating them manually, loading them from a file or downloading them from the GPS.

Press the Add Waypoint button on top of the Route Editor.

When the cursor is moved over the Map it will change to an arrow with the word ROUTE written below it. Position the cursor on top of a Waypoint and press the LEFT mouse button - the Waypoint will be added to the Route you have selected.

NOTE - The Routes can be saved to file and loaded from file by using the Load and Save menu options on the button bar.

There is a button on the Route Editor named ReLink, this button is for use with Garmin GPS . The Route waypoints also store the waypoint attributes (name, position etc). These attributes could be incorrect if the actual waypoints on the map have been edited since the route was created. The ReLink button will copy the attributes of the waypoints on the map into the route waypoints.

Loading Routes from File

This is still causing me problems on how to code this properly.

At the moment you should make sure you load the waypoint file which you were using when you created the route. It is not possible to display a route unless the waypoints are loaded as well.

It is possible for the waypoint stored in the route not to agree with the waypoints loaded on the map if the waypoints have been modified since the route was created. This is corrected by pressing the ReLink button on the Route editor.


All the Routes can be uploaded to the GPS or downloaded from the GPS using options on the Lowrance, Garmin, Magellan and MLR menus.

Single Routes can also be uploaded and downloaded using the buttons on the Route Editor.