Save Map to Image File

This option allows you to save the map as an image file. All the objects (waypoints, tracks routes etc) are drawn on the image. The image saved is almost exactly as you see it on the screen.

The image can be saved as a PNG image file (specify a .png file extension) or a BMP image file (specify a .bmp file extension). The png file will be much smaller because the format is compressed.

Images are saved in 24bit color format, if the image is required as a 8 bit color image (256 colors max) use a paint program such as Paint Shop Pro to reduce the colors.

Why are the images saved as 24bit color - A 256 color image has a limited palette, to be able to draw objects on the map in their correct color a larger palette is required.

Black & White Image (2 Color dithered) - The image is reduced to 2 colors (black & white) before saving, this results in a much smaller image. However to do the color reduction a large amount of memory is required to process it. If you do require an image of this type the best option would be to save it as a color image and use a paint program such as Paint Shop Pro to process it.