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Models Supported

NOTE : GPS Receivers with Version 2.01software installed have a problem when uploading and downloading routes, the route is cut off at 16 waypoints. We do not know what other versions may also have this problem.

The Version is displayed on the first screen you see when the GPS is turned on.

At the time of writing this document GPS software Versions 2.12 and 2.13 are available for download and installing into your GPS from these sites.

Version 2.13 is available from but you need the Global Map Planner software to install it.

Version 2.12 is available from and comes with its own installer software.

It appears to be possible to use the installer software from Brunton to install the file available from Silva (we tried it and it worked ok).

OziExplorer Configuration Setting

  1. Go to the GPS tab on the Configuration dialog
  2. Using GPS Make combo box select Brunton / Silva
  3. In the GPS Model combo box there is only one mode which can be selected (the Multi-Navigator).
  4. In the GPS Symbol Set combo box leave it set to Garmin Symbols. The Brunton / Silva does not use symbols for waypoints.
  5. Adjust the GPS Parameters to match the specification of your model of GPS. These parameters may be mentioned in the manual. If unsure leave them as they are as the most likely set of parameters has already been selected. Brunton / Silva GPS receivers do not have Events (one of the parameters), this can be set to 500 so they can be used as markers on the map.
  6. Set the GPS Upload/Download Datum to WGS 84 regardless of the datum setting in the GPS.
  7. Set the GPS NMEA Output Datum to WGS 84 regardless of the datum setting in the GPS.
  8. Goto the Comms tab on the Configuration dialog.
  9. Select the Comm Port Number to match the one you are using on the PC
  10. Set Parity to none
  11. Set Stop bits to 1.
  12. Set the Upload/Download Baud rate to 4800 or 19200. Note : Only baud rates of 4800 or 19200 can be used. It is best to use 19200 for faster upload/download speeds but we have found that 19200 is not always as reliable when the GPS is busy with other tasks (finding satellites for instance - see special notes below).
  13. The NMEA Baud rate must be set to 4800.
  14. Do not alter the AutoPilot settings unless required.

Special Notes

To make Upload to the GPS more reliable and faster it is suggested that the GPS Receiver engine of the GPS be turned OFF before uploading to the GPS.

To turn the GPS engine off - Press the DOWN arrow (middle bottom button) until you are on the POSITION screen press the YES button (lower left), this will present a screen with TURN OFF GPS on it, press the YES button, the GPS receiver engine is now turned OFF.

Track Download

When set to log track points in a TIME mode the GPS will log points even when it does not have a position fix. OziExplorer will "reject" these points during the download process. Therefore the number of points kept in the downloaded track may not be the same number that is downloaded.

Track Upload

The GPS does not allow a track to be uploaded.

Waypoint Upload

Waypoints are stored in the GPS in specified locations (slots), if a waypoint is downloaded from say slot 25 then it will be uploaded back into slot 25 and so on.

If you want to add new waypoints into the GPS then you need to download the waypoints from the GPS first (or load a previously downloaded copy from a file) and then add the new waypoints into OziExplorer and then upload them to the GPS. If you simply add new waypoints to OziExplorer they will be added into slot 1, slot 2 .... and so on, when uploaded to the GPS they will overwrite the waypoints already in those slots.