The Track Control

To display the Track Control dialog press down the Show/Hide Track Control Button on the Main Toolbar.

wTrackControl.gif (5951 bytes)

The track which is highlighted in the list is the "Active Track", all operations are done on this track.


Num - The numbers 1 to 1000 ... indicate the track number. The colored box to the left of the number is the current color of the track when drawn on the map.

Description - The description for each track. This description can be set in the properties of each individual track.

Points - The number of points used by the track, there is a limit on the number of track points for each different GPS Model and Type but there is no limit to how many track points that can be displayed.

Distance - The distance along the track in the "Map Distance" units specified in the configuration.


trkShow.gif (196 bytes) Show/Hide the track display on the map - Display or hide all the Tracks on the map.

trkCreate.gif (181 bytes) Manually Create Track Points - When this button is depressed new track points can be created by clicking on the map.

Insert a new track point - When this button is down the track points are insert mode. To insert a new track between existing points position the mouse over an Active track point, hold the Alt key down, press the left mouse button, a new track point will be created to the right of the currently selected point, drag the new point to its required position.

Open Selection Control - The Selection Control allows multiple track points (or other objects) to be selected on the map using the mouse.

Enable Mouse on Track Points - When you place a mouse on a track point it will be active - shows a hint when the mouse is on the track point, allows the track point to be dragged, right click on a track point will display a menu of options.

Show Individual Track Points - Draws a dot around the track point on the map.

trkProp.gif (156 bytes) Open properties dialog when creating new track points - Automatically open the properties dialog for the track point when the track point is created.

Load a Track from File - Loads a Track from File into a vacant track position in the list.

trkSave.gif (199 bytes) Save the Selected Track - The track currently selected in the list will be saved to a file.

trkList.gif (168 bytes) Show Track List - See the Track List help for details.

Selected Track Properties - Shows the Track Properties dialog for the track selected in the list, see Track Properties help for details.

Clear the Selected Track - The track selected in the list is cleared and removed from the list.

Clear All Tracks - All tracks in the list are cleared and removed from the list and the map.

trkUp.gif (154 bytes) Move track Up - Moves the selected track up in the list.

trkDown.gif (155 bytes) Move Track Down - Moves the selected track down in the list. In some cases track 1 needs to be cleared so a new track can be loaded. If the track already in track 1 needs to be kept then the best method is to move an empty track up into its place.

trkMenu2.gif (160 bytes) A menu with additional options