Track Filter

The Track Filter provides the ability to reduce the number of points in a track by selectively removing points using the specified parameters.

The best filter setting is the one which produce the smallest number of points but still retain a good representation of the original track.

The track can be filtered using the Filter Index method or the Number of Points method.

wTrackFilter.gif (3922 bytes)

From Track - The track number you want to filter.

To Track - The track number where the filtered track is to be placed.

Filter Index - If this method is selected, the higher the index the less points in the filtered track. (default setting = 5).

Number Points - If this method is selected, the track will be filtered to the number of points entered. (default setting = 100). The number of points produced may not exactly match the number specified but will be close.

Filter - Press this button to create the filtered track.