Track Properties

wTrackProperties.gif (4105 bytes)


Track Desc - Any text to describe this track, up to 35 characters.

Line Color - The Color used to draw the track on screen.

Width - The width in pixels of the line used to draw the track.

Line Style - The style used to draw the track on screen.

Type - The track type.

Fill Color - The color used to fill the track when it is a closed polygon.

Fill Type - The method used to fill the polygon.

Time Zone Offset (mins) - The time offset for the date / time of the track points. The time zone offset is stored in the track file.


Load - Load a track File into this track.

Save  - Save the Track to a File.

Clear - Clear the Track from memory.

Show - Show this Track on the screen.

Help - Shows this help.

OK - Close the Property Dialog.