Trouble Shooting

see also OziExplorer Crashes my System  Common User Problems

Communication Problems

Read this section if you are having problems communicating with your GPS.

This can be divided into 2 sections, problems with the com port on the PC and configuration problems with OziExplorer and/or the GPS.

COM Port Problems

Make sure you do not have any other programs also trying to use the COM port. These may include FAX programs, programs which interface to Palm Pilots and other PDA's,   terminal type programs (e.g. Hyperterminal). If you have been using a DOS terminal program to read the output from the GPS you must not only exit the terminal program but may also have to completely exit the DOS window to release the COM port.

If you get the error from OziExplorer "Failure to Open Com Port" this means the port is in use by another program or does not exist, note that OziExplorer has not yet attempted to communicate with the GPS, it does this only after it has successfully opened the COM port.

The serial output from most GPS receivers is in fact RS232C which means the output from the GPS only swings between 0 anf 5 volts instead of the usual + and - 10 volts (nominal). The majority of PC's can handle the 0 to 5 volt input without any problems but I have heard of PC's which could not, but this is rare and should only be checked as a last resort.

It is also possible to lock up the communication port on the GPS, so it is advisable to turn the GPS off and on when attempting to establish communication to reset the port.

Configuration Problems

See the GPS Communication section of the  Common User Problems for information about this.

At low Baud rates (4800 or less) OziExplorer is more likely to not communicate with the GPS if NMEA output is turned on, this applies to Lowrance & Eagle units only.

Screen Display Problems

If the map appears blocked and disjointed, usually after zooming the map then this is usually caused by the graphics card drivers. See the section OziExplorer Crashes my System the same fix applies for this.

Waypoint Symbols will not print - This is a problem which seems to occur on just some printers, the cause has not been determined yet. A work around to this problem is to activate a different symbol printing procedure, this can be activated by placing a file called "nopcanvas.dat" into the folder where oziexplorer is installed, is does not matter what is in the file. The Object Scale parameter on the print dialog does not work using this method.