Index Map

(At this stage you may not have many maps to show the full use of this feature.)

An outline of all the maps you have stored in the Map File Path will be drawn onto the loaded map. By moving the mouse over the window the maps available are displayed as a hint and the cursor changes to a finger pointer.

If you already have maps, you will be able to click the mouse on the index map, all the maps available will be displayed in the map search list and the required map can be selected. This map will be loaded, similar to the Load Map File which you have done earlier in this tutorial.

Name Search

(This requires you have a names database to load, the World Cities database can be downloaded from the OziExplorer website and saved in the OziExplorer Name Search folder. Load the World map ( using the Load Map option which you have done earlier in this tutorial.)

(If the place is not on the current map, a dialog with a list of maps which contain the place will be displayed.)