Working with Tracks and the Track Control

Lets load in a Track from file

(Note: A track is sometimes known as a Plot Trail but within OziExplorer they are always called tracks.)

The track will be displayed on the map. This track was collected on one of my 4x4 trips using the GPS, it was downloaded from the GPS using OziExplorer and saved to the "demo1.plt" file.

Now press the Track Control Button on the Tool Bar, the Track Control will be displayed.

You will notice there is a row of buttons on the Tool Bar of the Track Control.

The trkShow.gif (196 bytes) button determines if the tracks (all of them) are displayed on the map. Press the button in and out and you will notice the track disappear and reappear. Make sure you leave the button pressed so the track is displayed.

The color and width of the track can be configured by using the Track Properties dialog.

wTrackProperties.gif (4105 bytes)

Lets try loading another track into Track 2.

Lets view the list of track points for Track 2.

Creating or Editing a Track

While it is possible to add new track points to an existing track, for this tutorial we will start without a track loaded.

The Enable Mouse on Track Points button makes the track points active - a hint will be shown when the mouse is on the track point, allows the track point to be dragged, right click on a track point will display a Menu of options. The menu options allow you to delete a track point and do other operations.

This newly created track can be saved to a file, uploaded to the GPS (where applicable) or permanently attached to a map.