User Registration

This Page describes how to enter your Registration or Serial Number details.

The registration details may have been provided in the form of a User name with a matching key code or a Serial Number with a matching key code.

User Name or Serial No. - Enter the User name or Serial number you have been provided with. The name or serial number must be entered exactly as given.

Key Code# - The Key code must be entered exactly as given. Please note : Some codes have a $ character at the start of the code. This $ character must also be entered as it forms part of the code.

After entering the fields press the Save button to activate the registration.

If you get the message "Something is wrong with the key" it means the User Name/Serial No and the Key Code# are not a matched set, it also most likely means that one of the fields was entered incorrectly, please double check that they exactly match those given.

If the registration is successful you will need to close OziExplorer and restart to activate it as a full version.