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As well as supporting the many map formats included standard in the OziExplorer download such as TIFF, BMP, JPG, PNG, BSB, BSB 4, BSB 5, ECW, MrSID, Maptech Terrain Navigator maps (.024,.100,.250) and Maptech Aeronautical charts (.AER), RIK, Kompass and also maps you scan yourself, support for internet maps has been added.

OziExplorer now supports Google Maps , USA Terraserver Maps, Open Street Maps and Virtual Earth.

Unless you have a fast internet connection while driving, these maps will not be able to be used for moving map, but the maps are very useful for trip planning.

The pages below describe how to use the maps in OziExplorer and provide links to download the necessary map files.

Internet Maps page (Open Street Map, Google Maps, Virtual Earth)

USA Terraserver Maps page

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